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Providing Access to Capital Solutions for Health Care Practitioners

  • April 7, 2021

How SmartenUp assisted Merchant Capital in creating a tailor made fully automated working capital solution for Discovery Health Care Practitioners in record time during the Covid pandemic

[SmartenUp’s] attitude and ability contributed to great project delivery under tight deadlines. This made them an excellent augmentation to our team – David Reynders – CTO – Merchant Capital.


During the Covid Pandemic it became clear to Discovery Health that health care practitioners could not effectively practice and earn a living,  and that the traditional funding application process involved onerous administrative processes. Ultimately it became clear that Merchant Capital (a long standing Salesforce client) could provide a solution that was innovative, and administratively easy and affordable to the market. 

The goal was to create an online working capital application with minimum administration required. Although an online application is not a new concept, an application process was required specifically taking into account the business nature and needs of Health Care Practitioners.

The Challenges

Merchant Capital had the financial model up and running in the back-end, but required a partner to integrate into the team and build a front-end lending solution, which, in its final shape and form, had to be fast and reliable, and completely mobile. The final product also had to be delivered under tight project deadlines.

How SmartenUp assisted

Leveraging on existing Salesforce capabilities, we brought great insight on how to execute the objective quickly and effectively, by building a solution using Experience Cloud (previously known as Community Cloud), to ensure security, reliability, and responsiveness, together with Flows (a “low code no code” tool), as well as Lightning WebComponents (LWC). This combination of tools ensured that a quality product could be delivered under urgent time constraints. 

The Results 

Having brainstormed the solution and project requirements, an online (fully responsive) system was produced with minimum administration required. The mechanics of the solution was built to enable a practitioner’s practice information to be pre-populated under certain circumstances, and by allowing a practitioner’s claims history from Discovery Medical Aid to be assessed in the evaluation for funding, whilst ensuring that the required consent is obtained. Finally, we ensured that the product integrated seamlessly with Merchant Capital’s financial model.

The end result allowed Merchant Capital to provide a seamless and customisable capital solution to Discovery Health Care practitioners within 48 hours of application, by formulating bespoke offers and flexible repayment options, enabling Health Care Practitioners to grow their practice.

See the end result for yourself :



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