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Why MedUp is going to supercharge your practice

MedUp provides healthcare providers with a turnkey solution for all their day-to-day needs. Starting from Patient Management and Electronic Health Records (EHR) to conveniently managing your relationships with other healthcare facilities.

Electronic Health Records

A secured, central space to store critical information: patients’ medical history, examinations reports, patients’ visits, interactions and more.

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Smart Automation

Send automatic SMS reminders, easily distribute important email reports, swiftly generate necessary documentation, administer theater-list sending; You can even integrate with your accounting solution!

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Interactive Collaboration

A personalized collaborative space for patients, medical professionals, hospital employees and even key external partners and vendors.

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Highly customizable solution

Optimise how your screens look to better match your practice needs and optimal way of functioning. Easily add new actions, buttons, documents and more.

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All interactions history, secured

Electronic Health Record

  • see the conditions, medications, medical history, examination reports, photos, scans and more that the Patient decides to share with you, in order for them to receive the best possible treatment and you to provide the best possible solution.
  • Interaction Logging: Conveniently log all phone calls, emails, face-to-face meetings, SMSes, and even WhatsApp interactions.
  • All your patient notes are securely stored on the Platform and can be found instantaneously.
Embedded AI and Automatic reminders

Smart Automation

  • Quickly gather information for rapid pre-authorisation requests.
  • Fully automated theatre-list generation.
  • Automatically generate a wide variety and large volumes of key documents, using information stored from your notes on the Platform. Can someone say “No more retyping!”: Examples include: letters back to the referral doctor, letters of motivation including photos of the patient, WCA & RMA reports, sick notes and more.
  • Create a plan of action for your support team and have them receive fundamental tasks to deliver on.
  • Have automatic SMS reminders of appointments sent directly to your patients, including the appropriate time to show up depending on the nature of the consultation or procedure. For example, have an SMS sent automatically 90 minutes before a procedure, compared to 5 minutes before a consultation.
  • Instant access to a comprehensive database of ICD10 codes, for quick-coding and sending of data to a Switching Company.
  • In a nutshell: Automatic SMS reminders, Email reports, Document Generation, Theatre List Automation, as well as Accounting System Integration.
Available anytime, from anywhere

Interactive Collaboration

  • Find all of your contacts and the companies you work with on one single Platform.
  • Efficiently communicate the context of a patient’s treatment with referring doctors, anesthetists, assistants and more.
  • Create your operations team easily by selecting the relevant members’ in your team’s profiles directly from the Platform.
  • With all the people you are in touch with on the Platform, emails can be sent “automagically” to the right person at the right time.
  • A smartphone-ready Platform, equipping your employees to have instant access to important information wherever they are, without having to repeat any processes on-the-go that have already been done on the Platform. Diminish repetitive admin instantly.
  • Easily integrate with your telephony system for more efficiency. This refers to (scheduled calls, or even incoming calls coming straight to your employees’ computers or phones, automatically opening that exact Patient’s profile.
Design to your unique needs

Highly customizable solution

  • Optimise how your screens look to better match your brand and optimal way of functioning. Easily add new actions, buttons, and documents and more.
  • Have access to a secure internal chat built-in as a standard.
  • Streamline quotes, invoicing, and payment reconciliation through full integration with your current Accounting Solutions. Bookkeeping on steroids.
  • Integrate calendars and manage tasks efficiently.
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