Encryption, Simplified.


 A tool designed to simplify the encryption process, there is no need to be a mathematician in order to secure your data. EncryptUp is an apex action that will be used in a flow and give access to some of the Salesforce Crypto class functionality. It allows a flow to pass string input to the apex action, process it (encrypt/decrypt) and provide output back to the flow for use in the rest of the flow. For the more advanced users there is access to the functionality from Apex

LegalUp Benefits

Why LegalUp is going to supercharge your firm

Less time spent on basic tasks means less fees to be written off due to non-billable work and more time spent on reaching your target!

South African Focus

Built and designed by South African Lawyers for South African Lawyers with practical day to day legal activities in mind, and optimised to reduce the time to find documents, matter details and collaborating with your team. 

AI Ready

Advanced AI functionalities and integration capabilities that lets you integrate the platform with your Emails and other platforms that will set you apart from other legal practitioners and keep your clients happy.

Real time tracking and reporting

Track your time and fees generated by case, team, or team member. Easily see an overview of caseload, deadlines, case progression, and team performance, with advanced reports and dashboards. 

Training & Support

Specialised and focused platform training is provided with a dedicated tech support team that is always ready to assist.

Mobile Friendly

LegalUp is mobile friendly – so you can use it on the go, at court, in meetings, on your way to the office, or anywhere really! All the information that you at the office or at home is also available on your phone or your tablet.

Encrypted & Secured

LegalUp is a 100% cloud based and all data on LegalUp is encrypted and securely stored keeping your firm compliant with data laws and your clients information confidential.

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Summary of features

  • Create, manage and track matters on one page, with just a few clicks, or even without clicks at all, no matter whether you are dealing with a litigation matter, interlocutory applications, an opinion, or regulatory work
  • Quickly search, find and work with key matter details, information and documents
  • Send emails, create tasks, and schedule meetings directly from your case layout
  • Collaborate and communicate with your team in real time no matter where you are
  • Control and restrict access and visibility of information across your firm
  • Track your time and fees generated by case, team, or team member
  • Customise case process flow according to your firm case management processes
  • Securely store all case documents in a cloud drive, encrypted, and capable of being backed up according to your needs
  • Accurately and in real time track case load, deadlines, case progression, and team performance with advanced reports and dashboards
  • Built in AI functionalities to assist in automating repetitive tasks and optimising case management
  • Mobile App available - to allow you to use LegalUp on the go whether you are on the way to the office, in court or in a meeting
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