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What can fill a room, but takes up no space?

It’s okay, we’ll wait…

Got it yet? Well, if problem solving is your gift, then give us 40 seconds of your time before you go. We’ll even tell you the answer to the riddle (*that we know you already know, because you’re a problem solver, obviously!)

SmartenUp is in a fortunate position to be open for job applications. And hey, this may be the perfect fit for you.

We’re looking for like-minded, driven, ambitious and motivated individuals. We’re looking for big-picture thinkers, backed by a hunger for learning and a knack for technology. 

At SmartenUp, we strive to be inspiring and creative, all the while building an innovative brand and intelligent consultancy firm. Partnered with Salesforce, we’re a part of a bigger picture – a picture of companies looking for people wanting to grow. Looking for a healthy challenge, looking to expand their expertise (and quite rapidly with mentorship from leaders with over 30 years collective experience in the field).

But before we get carried away, let’s hash out some details first. Several positions are available: Salesforce Administrators, Developers and Business Analysts. The ideal candidate should:

  • Have minimum 3 years experience in a Software engineering role,
  • Having experienced working on the Salesforce platform and with Salesforce Lightning Web Components would be a big plus,
  • Have experience with front-end JavaScript libraries/frameworks,
  • Have strong working knowledge of responsive web design and cross-platform compatible coding techniques and troubleshooting,
  • Be a team player and have excellent client facing skills.

We realize that we may be looking for a needle in a haystack here; and we know you may not have checked all the above points, so we are also interested if you have experience in full stack developments and are willing to learn

If you’re willing to move over to the world’s #1 cloud platform, then we’d love to hear from you. We’re looking for individuals who have an entrepreneurial mindset looking for the freedom to work in an environment that celebrates individuality. Coupled with solid team work, alongside people aiming to grow in their professional fields, you’re good to go! 

We strive for an environment where work becomes great again. We’re a bunch of straightforward, hardworking professionals looking to expand. And we’d love to share in this expansion with people who are up for the challenge. 

Oh and the answer is “Light”, by the way. 🙂 email us at


*Please include your CV and a motivation letter to let us know why we should choose you!

**A link to your LinkedIn profile would be a bonus.

Just ask. Get answers.

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