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Beginner’s Guide: Building a Successful Campaign with Measurable Outcomes

  • May 6, 2022

Riley and her team are excited to begin building their customer journey, however they need to consider the ‘end-game’, what is the point of this journey?  

Riley has 2 main objectives:

  • Grow the customer database and increase newsletter subscribers by 35%
  • Identify the customers showing an interest in film and instant cameras for a future product launch

Today’s article will give you more guidance on how to make your campaign successful by setting measurable outcomes.

Set a goal

Goals are optional, but their target statistics show you how a journey performed. It is best to set a goal so that the success or failure of your journey is clear. Goals are measured on a goal target that is set by creating filter criteria on contact data. A goal can be anything from making an online purchase to opening an email within a certain timeframe. 

It is worth spending a bit of time determining your goals for an effective campaign. These steps are critical if you want to attract your audience’s attention and build brand loyalty.

Journey Goal Outcome

To keep track of how your journey is performing, Riley views her Customer Journey Analytics in the Journey Builder dashboard. This gives her an overview of all journeys in her organisation as well as how many of her journeys have achieved their goal. Riley is also able to view the number of people currently in a journey, as well as how many people have achieved her goal of signing up for the newsletter and camera preferences. 

When Riley launches their new product, she is planning an exciting journey that will include opportunities for a photo competition and camera giveaways.  The Journey dashboard will enable her to view high-performing journeys. If the new product launch does well, Riley will be able to use this journey as a guide for future related campaigns. Similarly, the journey insights allow her to identify under-performing campaigns, eg: did the customer enter the competitions and sign up for future newsletters etc.

Journey Analytics gives Riley valuable insights on exactly what her customers want. With this information she can build brand loyalty and elevate her marketing to a whole other level, whilst also being able to give valuable feedback to her Directors and sales team.




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