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Beginner’s Guide: Building a customer journey in Journey Builder

  • May 4, 2022

Yesterday we gave you a brief introduction on Journey Builder. Today we are going to run through the steps of how our marketer Riley can create an automated campaign from scratch.

How to build a customer journey in Journey Builder

There are two types of journeys that can be built for Riley’s customer’s campaign:

1: Single Send Journey


2: Multi-Step Journey


Journey Builder offers you a choice of templates to use, or you may choose to custom-build your journey from scratch.

Building your journey from scratch

In Journey Builder in the “Activities” tab there are 5 activities to choose from. Each activity offers additional options that enables Riley to easily drag-and-drop onto her screen. Below is a table of the options available in Journey Builder.               

Activity  Options  Description
Customer Update

Update Contact Data Update your contact record

SMS Send your customer an SMS from inside Journey Builder as part of the journey
Email Send your customer an email from inside Journey Builder as part  of the journey

Ad Audience  Add your customer to your Audience
Ad Campaign Add your customer to your Campaign 
Flow Control

Wait by Attribute Specify a wait by date, i.e date of birth
Wait by Duration Specify a length of time that your customer will wait before moving on to the next activity
Wait Until Date Specify a wait until date, i.e an event start date such as Black Friday
Decision Split Send your customer on a specific path determined by a contact attribute; eg: preferred method of communication is email
Engagement Split   Send your customer on a specific path determined by their input data; eg: Some customers prefer Digital cameras, whereas others prefer Film.
Random Split Set different paths and contact percentage (50% go down one path and 50% go down the other) to determine which path performed better. (To have a clear indication of success or failure, set a goal for your journey)
Join Send contacts from different paths in the journey down the same path.
Sales and Service Cloud

Optional modules that can be added to Salesforce. 

Various options available for both Service and Sales Cloud

Riley is now familiar with the options available to her to build her campaign. With a little bit of planning, she can begin to build it. 

Tomorrow we will be sharing some helpful Tips & Tricks for Riley to remember when using Journey Builder.




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